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Thrive - A Podcast for Soulful & Aspiring Entrepreneurs

Aug 2, 2021

Hello my love. Thank you for tuning into episode 60. In this episode, I’m getting super real and vulnerable about my lessons through having “failed” early on in my business. If you’re new to business, or you’ve been struggling in business for a little while, or you’re yet to start a business - this episode is for you!

I talk all about:

  • My journey in business - how it went in the early days
  • Keeping it real, amongst all the celebrations we see on social media
  • Business isn’t linear
  • Energy behind creating and showing up
  • How when I hired a coach, the things I started to recognise
  • Following my heart allowed me to access my superpowers
  • Imposter syndrome in business
  • Failure is feedback
  • Throwing out perfectionism

There will always be excuses not to start your business, or to change direction, or to not follow your heart…but what are you giving up when you give into the fear?


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Much love, thanks for listening sister. xx