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Thrive - A Podcast for Soulful & Aspiring Entrepreneurs

Aug 15, 2021

Hi my love!

I hope you enjoy this episode, where I dive into what it means to show up and SELL to your audience and why this is so important.

Something I hear from so many women in business is that the feel resistance and fear when it comes time to share their divine work with their audience.

Selling gets to be easy, it gets to be fun. As long as you follow these steps and find what works for you, you don't have to feel sleazy or sales-y again.

The key points include:

  1. Focus on impact over income
  2. Get into alignment
  3. Choose to see a different perspective


I'd love to hear what you think of this episode, which was actually a masterclass from the free Thriving Soulpreneurs FB group. Come and join us for more of these epic classes! 

Drop me a DM @karliheinjus on IG if you'd like to connect.

OR, if you'd like to book in for a chat with me to see if us working together could be a good fit, as mentioned in the masterclass, jump over here!