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Thrive - A Podcast for Soulful & Aspiring Entrepreneurs

Nov 3, 2019

You are listening to The Confident Mama Collective Podcast, which was formerly The Mama Shine Podcast. Same content, same great vibe, just a new name.

OMG mamas, I loved this chat with Shona Gates so much! It was so much fun.

We spoke about unexpected pregnancy - she's 32 weeks atm. We also touched on raising a child with autism and how to un-f**k your finances through manifestation.

She tells us how she balances being a mum, pregnant, maintaining a relationship and running multiple businesses.

Her biz Sexy Selfish is helping us break the generational money stuff and helping mums to impact their kids.

She hangs out @sexy_selfish and her new website is amazing!

You can find us on Instagram @confidentmamacollective