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Thrive with Karli Heinjus

Jan 21, 2020

You are listening to The Confident Mama Collective Podcast, which was formerly The Mama Shine Podcast. Same content, same great vibe, just a new name.

Mamas, I'm back with an awesome special guest - our first interview for 2020! I sat down to chat with Mel Finlay. She's a qualified Holistic Nutritionist based in Melbourne, Vic. 

Mel specialises in helping women to use food to balance hormones, feel happier and get energised.

In this episode, we spoke about periods and hormone imbalances - what causes this to happen and how we can prevent it.

We spoke about how to nourish yourself when pregnant, when all you feel like is Macca's fries. 

And we also touched on diet culture and how this is impacting our body image, particularly after babies.

Mel consults in person in Melbourne, and also online. She's founder of the Amazing Mums Academy.

If you'd like to get in contact with Mel, you can find her here: