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Thrive with Karli Heinjus

Aug 15, 2022

✨Welcome to a brand new vibe for the podcast✨

THRIVE with Karli Heinjus is a space for you to dream big, to create the free spirited authentic life and purpose YOU desire so that you can THRIVE in life, unapologetically.

These episodes will give you a glimpse into my life working as a coach and mentor while travelling australia in my caravan, and inspire you to connect with and create your own version of freedom.


It's such an exciting feeling to be back and sharing the brand new FEEL of the podcast with you.

In this first episode of the new chapter, I share with you guys a little about my new life living as a nomad in my caravan travelling Australia.

I'm also going deep into my vision, how things have shifted and how the KH brand is going to elevate you beyond belief in 2022 and beyond.

I can't wait to hear what you think!


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All my love,

Karli 🤍