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Thrive with Karli Heinjus

Mar 16, 2021

In today's episode, I chat to the INCREDIBLE Julia Allison. Julia is a Health Mindset & Lifestyle Coach, who has been in the health and fitness industry for 12 years and is studying a Bachelors of Health Science in Nutritional Medicine. She's a powerhouse!

We talk about:

  • The path to self-love
  • Triggers and how they show us what's going on within
  • How you can give back to yourself, and the signs to look for that you need to take time out
  • The mind-body connection, listening to your body and building a healthy relationship with your body and mind
  • The conscious mind and the unconscious mind, and how to make mindset changes that last
  • Trust!

**How can you give back to your body and mind?

**See how we are all each other's mirrors - we are all one and the same <3 


Enjoy the episode! You can find Julia on Instagram @julia.allison.coaching 

Reach out to me on Instagram @karliheinjus